Recap: IEM Taipei 2016 β€” ANZ Open Qualifier

Before I begin, I would like to say a few things. Thanks to kmando for offering me an opportunity to volunteer and help out (GOTV IPs) during the start of the competition. Please note that I did not have any affiliation with ESL Australia beforehand and neither does CyberGamer in any way for this entire qualifier. It would’ve run more smoothly had CyberGamer partnered up with them. So please do not give feedback on our forums, but on ESL’s website since they are the organisers running this tournament, not CyberGamer. It was a first-time experience for me to see the inside process of how a MAJOR qualifer was run and it was very stressful indeed. With the last minute sign-ups, check-ins and the amount of (61) teams competing, it’s obvious there would be delays as the organisers did their best getting the seedings done quickly as possible afterwards, so we could finally start. I was impressed by how accurate it was. I’m grateful to you all for your patience during the qualifier, as I had a hard time trying to get the GOTV IPs working. I eventually did during the Quarter-Finals. Thank you to the ESL Team for running it smoothly in the end, even though we had a rocky late start. After a long late-night war of Oceania CS matches, the Open ANZ Qualifer came to an end with Alpha Sydney on a hot streak taking first place once again. Congratulations to them on making it to the next stage to join the other invited teams! This will be the true test for them, as this will be the first time we will witness them (Top4 Div2 Finalist from last season) play against the best of the best in our scene.

Congratulations to Corvidae for their efforts in coming 2nd place and playing the most games in the tournament (Alpha had a bye, 1st round). Surprisingly, one of the best players in the world, GeT_RiGhT from the swedish Ninjas in Pyjamas team, appeared out of nowhere in the stream chat, during the Grand Finals. Even though Corvidae lost, they do have a new fanboy

Special mentions to Orgless Warriors and Sequential Gaming for making the Top 4 and Frenetic Array, Reflex.Red, Cool Cats Club and Team Supremacy for making the Top 8. Last, but not least, thank you to all the participants for competing!

Bracket: Click Me (Map scores included when you click the VS button)

Demos: Click Me (61 demos, have fun looking for yours)


Alpha Sydney β€” sonic, chuch, InfrequeNt, kyoto, liazz
Corvidae β€” INS, Steej, erkaSt, aliStair, Gratisfaction
Orgless Warriors β€” Exiir, Zane, malta, Zudex, Kooljinx, Kaotik
Sequential Gaming β€” teddyt, wizard, pzK!D, ECHO, deoxiDE
Frenetic Array β€” Catalyst, forge, ino, Kalth, KStaar
Cool Cats Club β€” Ar3syK, Dimojr, kstrife, mizu, sibe
Reflex.Red β€” dosadi, imetik, kpcfugitive, Nebo, Vulcan2G
Team Supremacy β€” ghost, h0neybadger, sKOTE, steve-, willyKS
JAM Gaming β€” INSANITY, hazrEK, pan1k, sto0ie, Summer
ESEA Tilters β€” Aomine, b0om, kaneee, meNace, ZEN
Citadel Gaming β€” filo, IyeN, JeSTeR, jokes, smirfy
AVANT Gaming β€” devK, fyd, gotz, HaZ, krudeN
Control eSports: Volpriv β€” JEEZY, soygood, sssaar, wow.E, yynk
Paragon eSports β€” Dezibel, Noisia, qoN, sK, zedzke
GUTS β€” ang, bl4nk, jaytee, seabear, the_future
auRa eSports β€” Asix, azure, Pasito, seth, xristos
Fineweather β€” artemisarcher, junglew0w, ryza, Spect, zebO
Faux β€” Ahren, bigf00t, choadz, discap, exTra
4 Kings β€” Falconn, FIMM., FlinT, GangsteR-, reveL
Control eSports β€” Hoodz, Jabba, klutched, kstyles, Rainbow
Prodigy Royals β€” Chigooga, J7, Rick2G, Technerd255, Vinnie
Final Spark β€” JasperSnail, Cyx, Dissipate, PiMpAct, Prohits
vaNquishErs β€” cadiuS, Fbz, kicknkill, POWERHOUSE, vacben
CrabDance β€” insPiRe, Jc, kaizerjose, kirby, Phek
Asylum eSports β€” Ayrez, diOs, RZK, TediAU, wasted
dinQ β€” prdA, syliX, byron1, dBs, goom2daba
HYPE! β€” baAL, els, FRISKY, Oggi, twinky
Aurora Gaming β€” HunteR, Metal Snake, MudcrabWarrior, switch-, MC
Midgaard β€” Brace, fishballz, Joko, rape, wld
Numky’s Skrilla Krew β€” MagnuM, f0oster, numky, skarm, Straxmorz
Converge β€” BlackouT, Diinky, flow, prophet, zxoR
Deep Space Crocodiles β€” daya, Entrustive, TATTI, Vesuviate, waflE
Lotus eSports β€” Andi, Den0va, Dirty, Tonders, Woops
LGN: United β€” Dubzzy__IX, keeyto, Thanatar, vDeadline, X2C
Beyond β€” Alex, burnzke, prod, shard, silv
Athletico Esports β€” animus, GENESIS, kUMA, Squishy, Takita
3EZ β€” dman, Exphyxiaa, PCM, Reads, Trat_
Bukkakke Boys β€” mozaic, DreaD, eDGe, Patties, Poochy
Exceed eSports β€” Igginator, Perris, Proficient 6, Sam, Warbag
CG BAN β€” brndo, dvnE, electric, exert, jayzw0w
Sync eSports β€” Cleanly, Enigma, Nuggs, rex, voltic
Noxious Gaming β€” BROKEN, phteven-, shanzky, Sync, z0nia
ECO Gaming β€” Bedol, CrumplyPrune01, Nevik2000, TiLTDRAMZ, Xcyther99
Crimson Marauders β€” Pete, Dreave, jhdrock, Sh4nk, Swashy
Asidlale β€” caj-1100, Crowboy, MDH, Parayde, void-
Dismay eSports β€” Adepts, buzzN, Crunchy, MOS1AC, SnipY
Winter Wolves β€” Fyrefly, HueJ, majestic, Texta, Xtinct
Rovers eSports β€” Bella Swan, Cerberus, ESQOCE, Pathaim, TYRANT.WILSON
Corvidae Junior β€” Ame, DeFaulT_, Kiddo, norsin, SKY
Killing Time Online β€” inkman, Kijani, MINISTRY, savijN, yoong
FragCS β€” BawsPanda, Maika, MJK, vizz, Zoox
Alpha-Legion RED β€” Sunie, Bogandemon, Chilled, leilei, Llamas
Black Lions β€” DanGerous, itsLP, KlOwNie, lukee., PaNiC
Elefex β€” dreamAU, IxzJESUS, Jammo, phizzym8, spanky
Dare eSports β€” Bossin, Chaotic, Raz0r, Rik0, Trillmatic
Synergy β€” Guru, inertia, Kinkyy, Meinser, Senyour
Frag Squad β€” Chioatzu, clutcha, Jhinn, Rickowski, Tetsuya
SubZero eSports β€” Hydro, Kingfisher, Pride, Strat0s, Waffi
Division eSports β€” HecTiK, InfamousDV, Mule, TheOwl, Ziglez
kgo! β€” Bucky, drag0n, KarmaWaits, Natheh., SkitzMACHINE

Final Standings

1st β€” Alpha Sydney

2nd β€” Corvidae

3rd/4th β€” Orgless Warriors & Sequential Gaming

5th-8th β€” Frenetic Array, Team Supremacy, Reflex.Red & Cool Cats Club

9th-16th β€” Citadel Gaming, AVANT Gaming, JAM Gaming, Paragon Esports, auRa Esports, GUTS, Control Esports: Volpriv, ESEA Tilters

17th-32nd β€” HYPE!, Converge, Faux, Numky’s Skrilla Krew, dinQ, Control eSports, Fineweather, 4 Kings, Prodigy Royals, Final Spark, vaNquishErs, CrabDance, Asylum eSports, Aurora Gaming, Midgaard & Deep Space Crocodiles

33rd-64th β€” Athletico eSports, Noxious Gaming, Team Storm, kgo!, SubZero eSports, Division eSports, Asidlale, Lotus eSports, LGN:United, Beyond, 3EZ, Bukkakke Boys, Exceed eSports, CG BAN, Sync eSports, ECO Gaming, Crimson Marauders, Dismay eSports, Winter Wolves, Rovers eSports, Killing Time Online, FragCS, Alpha-Legion RED, Elefex, Dare eSports, Frag Squad & Synergy

Originally published at on January 12, 2016.